Are you ready to unleash the potential of your tubes of paint?

Would you like to understand color theory without the angst?

Do you want to translate what is in your mind’s eye onto canvas efficiently?

Color theory and color mixing are my passion.

I love teaching artists the magic and logic of color. You can learn…

1. Via my online video course – Acrylic Color Mixing Made Easy! – is available for only $39.95. As a website visitor you can purchase it now for $10 off! You can access it at anytime and anywhere. It was produced by Craftsy.com, a high quality video company. Click for a video introduction.

Though taught using acrylics, artists of any medium will learn the magic of color mixing by taking this course.

color theory


I wish I had taken this color theory course when I first started to paint! It explains so much.  V. Neely

Thank you for making this class. This is exactly the kind of class I’ve been desiring. I took a beginning painting class locally. We spent only 30 minutes on mixing colors. We didn’t even cover color bias. You have opened my eyes to so much more.  P. Johnson

I am enjoying your class so much, and each lesson has taught me new things. Color theory is so fascinating!  J. Long

Carol, thank you. I’m learning so much about color and how to mix it from you!  Sherry

2. By scheduling a demonstration at your local art society meeting.

color theory

3. By attending live workshops sponsored by art centers or societies.

4. By purchasing a private one-on-one consultation and critique session. Call me for a free 15 minute conversation to determine if I can be of assistance to you and your work.

For more information about a group presentation, live workshops or private consulting, please contact me at: carol@mcintyrefineart.com  or 719-510-0006. (I live in US Mountain Time.)

Together, let’s bring more beauty into the world!